Duo with Singer 

Julie Martin-Carter 

Julie and Juliette started working together on the Lost Chord scheme in September 2014. They have been touring around England since then.

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They performed on tour across Scotland. They were invited to the Saint Giles Cathedral and to Cardiff School of Music for recitals, and in Aberdeenshire and Yorkshire on tour. They toured in Wales, then performed a recital at the Wigmore Hall in October 2012. They performed as Emerging Artists at the Usher Hall in October 2014. 

Thereafter Live Music Now! Scotland commissioned a composition to Jennifer Martin for the duo. Bi-Cycle was premiered on 25th September 2015 in Glasgow and the composer commented that she was "deeply indebted to Fraser Langton, Juliette Philogene and Carol Main" (LMN!Scotland manager). 


Duo with clarinettist Calum Robertson 

Juliette and Calum started their musical partnership in 2016 on Live Music Now! Scotland. They have enjoyed performing in a wide variety of venues and settings, amongst which the Usher Hall, St. Giles cathedral and the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh; Stirling MacRoberts Art centre; Paxton House; Gaiety Theatre, nursing homes and schools across Scotland. 

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    Duo with clarinettist Fraser Langton 

Juliette and Fraser started their musical partnership in 2008. They were finalists in the chamber music prize at the RSAMD with flautist Lee Holland. Philogène and Langton were taken on Live Music NOW! musicians in 2009 and gave performances to an extensive variety of audiences: children at schools, severely physically and mentally disabled children, nursing and care homes' patients, country clubs and university staff and students.


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Fraser Langton was appointed first Eb clarinet in BBC Philharmonic in Manchester in September 2015.

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